A Simple Dress for Late Summer



such a beautiful, and fleeting, season.  Particularly when you get to those late summer day’s at the end of August and the start of September, when the vacations are wrapping up and Autumn is just waiting in the wings.


My newest dress from my dear friend Krystle is just the perfect end of summer outfit.   Krystle used a genuine mid 1950’s pattern



and a real vintage fabric.  The results are just lovely


The heart of any outfit is in the accessories, and I had a great time finding the perfect bits and bobs for this beautiful dress, and I actually wound up styling it much differently then I had planned.

It was a bit chilly so U added a light grey cardigan for warmth.  It’s not a vintage cardigan but I don’t think you can tell.


My hair scarf is an early 60’s novelty head band scarf with the most amazingly kitschy nautical print.  I had originally bought it planning to wear it with the blue and white checked dress Krystle made me that I blogged about here, but I think it actually look’s better with this dress.


My purse is a nautical too, a little wicker bait shack, and so cute it is one of my favorite novelty purses ever in fact.  My brooch, which I’ve had forever,  is a swordfish and matched the dress perfectly.   I also wore some bakelite bangles and a 1950’s charm bracelet that was a 39th birthday gift from my husband.


I finished the whole look with a pair of Minnetonka moccasins, nice and comfortable I knew they would be the perfect shoes for this simple look.




and they are such a 1950’s classic, look’s like Fry approves too:



All in all just a dream of an end of summer outfit.  That to me at least look’s like it stepped right off the pages of a 1950’s catalog




Outfit Details

1950’s Dress by Krystle Snook

Vintage Head Scarf Etsy shop Naughty Kitty Vintage

Nautical Purse Etsy Shop Vintage Darlene

Minnetonka moccasins Amazon

Swordfish Brooch Mrs. Polly’s Lucite


I am participating in the 2nd loved First Friday blog link up at Meadow Tree Style with this outfit.  The head scarf, purse, bracelets, sunglasses, and the pattern and fabric for the dress are all second loves.





8 thoughts on “A Simple Dress for Late Summer

  1. I love that this dress is made from an actual pattern because, although, i have a few vintage patterns, I never have made a garment directly from one. I did an adaptation, but that is not the same thing. I love all your vintage accessories. if you have time, link up to this months 2nd Loved with this, it is so perfect!


  2. This dress looks so easy to wear, just perfect for late summer. I spotted it when Krystle posted it on Facebook and though it looked like a great dress then, but it looks even better on you! xx


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