1950’s Square Dance Dress

One of my favorite things about 1950’s fashion are the western looks:

fringe-lady        Fringe, pom-poms, ric-rac, boots and hats, I love it all and of course the kitschier the better.  I particularly love mid-century square dancing dresses.

square dance dress pattern

The full skirts, flounces and kitschy trims are everything I love about fun 50s fashion.  Now I have never square danced, or indeed danced at all,

square dance


but I still felt I needed a 1950’s square dancing dress in my mid-century wardrobe.  After seeing a picture of my dream dress:



I asked the Black Pinafore on  Etsy to make me a copy, and well like all of Debora’s creations it is amazing!

I just love wearing it!  (Even though I did get asked if I was going to a costume party, which is just par for the course when you dress like I do every day.)

The color is gorgeous, and the details pom-poms and ric-rac are perfection.

I paired the dress with a lavender hair flower from Chatter Blossom, one of my novelty purses, a western horse one, and remix canvas play time shoes:



I also added two really special pieces of jewelry too:

A pin from the 1964 Square Dance festival in Tacoma, Washington and a bracelet that looks like a book and reads Square Dances:

I wore my dress when we took four of our  dogs to the Rockefeller Preserve and Stone Barns.   The trip went a little badly because we got horribly lost on the way home, but it was a gorgeous day and a beautiful walk.






034A perfect start to the summer!


14 thoughts on “1950’s Square Dance Dress

  1. You have a new blog-cool! Welcome to WordPress.I can follow you. Love the new fashion theme-it suits you. When you wear something 2nd hand vintage,I would love that you would link up to my 2nd Loved 1st Friday Linkup. I am so glad you are doing this and sure you will have a lot to offer.


      1. I will agree about being confusing at the start. I still have the Poodle blog on Blogger and that is where it will stay. I do like the WordPress Desktop better but in general WP is a higher learning curve-Your blog looks great!


  2. The lavender looks really pretty on you, Kate. The dress looks really comfy and cool for the summer heat. Love the ric-rac and pom-poms combo too!


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