Dream a Little Dream Mid Century Summer Sleepwear


One of my favorite songs is the Everly Brother’s classic All I have To Do is Dream.  The sweet lyrics and soft vocals always put me in mind of two of my favorite mid century clothing items.  Peignors  floaty night dresses with matching robes,


and baby doll pajamas, loose fitting pj tops with matching romper shorts.

baby doll pjs

Both are cool and comfortable, perfect for hot summer nights.

I prefer to dress in mid century appropriate styles at all times, not just when I go out or for special events, in modern clothes I just don’t feel like myself. So this summer I have started building a night gown and pajama wardrobe.  I have stuck to mid 1950s to mid 1960s styles and so far I have found some beautiful things.

My sources where the fabulous face book group Ooh La! La! Swap and Sell Shop, Etsy and the Vermont Country Store.

Here are my finds:

A mid 1960s empire waist turquoise blue peignoir.  I really lie the lace detailing on this:



A mid 1960s  blue night gown that I swapped a dress for


I love the ruffled hem:


A yellow late 1950s or early 60s night gown:


I really love the cute little blue flowers with pink centers on this one.

A bright pink mid 1960s night gown and robe:


In addition to the night gowns I have two sets of baby doll pajamas.  A orangey pink pair from the domestic dame and a blue striped seersucker pair from the Vermont Country store.  Both are very nice but my favorite is the Vermont Country Store pair:

download (3)

They are very reminiscent of the pajamas worn by Sandra Dee in the 1959 film Gidget:



One of my favorite films.

All of them are super comfortable and  fun for lounging about in:

pj collage

I’m so happy I tossed my modern night wear in favor of these!

Mid Century Night Gown and pj sources:

Ooh La! La! Vintage Swap and Sell Shop, Prices on OLL range but I did an In Search of Post to find my gowns and got them all for under $50 a piece.


The Vermont Country Store, The seersucker baby doll pjs I got are $59.95. Not cheap but they are so comfortable, in fact they are my favorite of all my purchases, and now I really want a pink pair.

Sweet Mid Century Dreams to All!


pajama party album



7 thoughts on “Dream a Little Dream Mid Century Summer Sleepwear

  1. I love your gorgeious vintage nightwear, Kate! Some of them look like some vintage Barbie outfits I own. Should do a post on these some time, it’s be right up your street. The vintage ads are great fun! xxx


  2. Oh, what a lovely collection…the soft colors remind me of ice cream or sherbet!!! I have a few vintage ones too.

    Best wishes, Dee


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