Nobody Here But Us Chicken’s A 1950’s Novelty Print Post By Kate Kitsch

dick jane farm

The 1950’s was such a great decade for illustration: sunny, warm images with a wonderful sense of fun and innocence and plenty of them are of farms.   The image above is from a Dick and Jane school reader circle 1951.  Dick and Jane are visiting their Grand Parent’s on their farm.  I love the animals, the cheerful prints on the children dresses, the bottle green color of the car, and the dresses in the two ladies.  It was images like this one that I was thinking of when I put together my 1950’s farm inspired outfit.


chicken dress jacket

My outfit consists of two main elements.  The amazing 1950’s style Tourist or Mexican Style Jacket Girl in The Whirl Made for me and The Hey Day Chicken Dress.

Tourist or Travel jackets, often called Mexican Jackets, were very popular in the 1950’s and had fun themes, usually countries or cities.

jacet pocket

Girl In A Whirl stays true to the fun 50’s spirit of the jackets by creating jackets in any theme her customers desire.  I asked her to make me a farm and chicken themed jacket similar to a skirt she had designed previously.  She used turquoise wool for the jacket and felt and hand stitched details for the appliques.  The result is incredible. A truly unique mid century inspired garment.

Jacket Back:

jacket back

Jacket Front



The Hey Day dress is a great basic style vintage dress.  The dress is in their Judy style which is inspired by an actual 1950’s pattern for a simple classic house dress, the cheery chicken novelty print really gives it the perfect era appropriate edge.


For accessories I added a snood from Arthelia’s Attic.  Technically snoods are a 1940s accessory but I’m sure some ladies still had them in their wardrobes in the post war era.  They are incredibly practical when your no whiz at vintage hair (that’s me).  Arthelia makes the best.  The bow detailing is my favorite part.


And there you have it a fun and cheery 1950’s spring outfit!


11 thoughts on “Nobody Here But Us Chicken’s A 1950’s Novelty Print Post By Kate Kitsch

  1. Love your new blog, Kate, and your post is a WINNER! Maybe that’s because I’m already inclined to like your sense of style and whimsy. But for you it isn’t just a sense of style; you immerse yourself in it and LIVE IT! That’s what makes it so incredible. Am I allowed to suggest that you give us an idea of how much things cost? I mean, that colorful Mexican/Tourist jacket is a MUST HAVE. I like how you suggested a theme and they let their creative juices flow into something magical and ONE OF A KIND. Looking forward to your next entry!


    1. Thank you so much!!! Whimsy is what I love about the 50s too! As for the costs it’s a bit hard to say because things range so much. I included links, for example if you click on the hilighted text for the jacket you will go to the designers site, same with the dress and snood. The jackets are custom so range a great deal they are in thr neighborhood of 200. Actual vintage tourist jackets can range from under 100 to over 500🤑 The dress is around 100.


      1. I’ll check it out. I just have to rein myself in sometimes because my era is ’40s and I don’t want to go gaga over a jacket that I love but just sits in my closet. What I’d like to do is get the TOTAL LOOK that you have created but somehow translate it to me and my vintage time period. It’s magic! Please keep inspiring me!


  2. Congratulations on starting your new blog, Kate, and congratulations on your wonderful outfit too. The dress is gorgeous and that amazing Mexican jacket a true work of art! xxx


  3. Oh, here you are…no more ”Retro Rover”?! I was checking RR to see if you went to the Easter Parade but see you have been busy starting a new blog.

    What a cute dress and jacket…looks so fun!!! I like the snood with it too. I think snoods and house dresses go together fabulously. Your chicken print dress is too cute to be worn ”only” at home. Is that Demarest Farms (near me)?

    Best wishes on your new blog–50s style looks good on you,


  4. Great outfit! Your Girl in a Whirl jacket is so special. I love seeing on Instagram the things that she is creating. Fun dress too. Congrats on the new blog. I’m glad you are still blogging.


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